The ChungHo Group was established in 1993 with the philosophy of "promoting a healthy lifestyle for today's society." Since our inception, ChungHo has grown tremendously across the globe and has accomplished unmatched and unique technological developments in the field of water purification. Our company currently holds several U.S. patents, allowing for environmentally safe and technologically superior advancements in our water coolers. We have been recognized as the highest quality service provider in the related water industries. ChungHo was selected as the No. 1 company in water purifying for three consecutive years including 1997, '98 and '99. These accreditations are measured by way of general customer satisfaction based on performace and superiority of product. ChungHo, in the years '00 to '02, was awarded the Customer Satisfaction in Management Award, proving once again, our standing as the leading company in water purification.

Once more, in the consecutive years '01 to '04, we were honored for superior customer service and product competitiveness by winning the Grand Prix of the 'Technology Frontier Award.' As we grow, we plan to continue our efforts in achieving the highest customer satisfaction of any industry. With the Ice Combo Plus standing proudly as the state-of-the-art technology in purification systems, the classy Noblesse UV offering purified hot & cold water with standard UV filter, and the high-tech Good Morning Bidet, we are perpetually defining and inherently creating the water purification industry mold. In the future we plan to develop and launch various new products suitable to the millennium era while continuously harnessing the principles of Excellence, Purity and Convenience.

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